Social-Emotional Development

At the Santa Fe Girls’ School, we value adolescence as a pivotal time, rich in social and emotional development.  

We see upsets as learning opportunities, whether they occur because of a classmate or a teacher, an academic challenge, difficult feedback, injustice, disappointment, or loss.  Middle-school age children have the mental and emotional capacity, with support, to process their emotions, identify their needs, work to see situations objectively, and problem-solve.  We dedicate classes to emotional intelligence, effective failure, conflict resolution, dealing with stress, and community bonding and leadership development. 

In order to be prepared for young adulthood, we believe young women must have essential information about topics including reproductive and sexual health; consent; body image and healthy versus disordered eating; and information about sexual orientation and gender identities. We discuss these topics openly, allowing our students to practice speaking up about potentially uncomfortable topics.  

Additional topics such as media literacy, social justice, and financial literacy are incorporated into academic classes.  Each grade participates meaningfully in community service. 

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