Empowering Programing

Class camping trips are an important part of how our students build confidence, learn to do practical things for themselves, problem solve, and deepen their social engagement and teamwork. Camping trips are linked to academic subjects like history, science, and art.

The Girls’ School has been partnering with Resolve since 2005 to provide trauma-informed, experiential, age-appropriate training to each grade. Our students learn to set boundaries with people they know, including authority figures, and practice verbal de-escalation techniques and effective physical self-defense. Through this partnership, our students become empowered to prevent and stop violence in their lives.

For more information about Resolve, visit resolvenm.org.

Eighth grade students, after learning government and reading the Constitution, choose a bill to advocate for in the state legislature. After researching background information, the students prepare written and oral arguments for their position. Students visit the Round House on multiple occasions to deliver letters to legislatures, speak before committees, and even to the Floor. In the past, students have met the governor and promoted their cause on public radio and TV news.