WHY Families Choose the Santa Fe Girls’ School for their Daughters

WHY Families Choose the Santa Fe Girls’ School for their Daughters

Over the past seventeen years, nearly 200 girls have graduated from the Santa Fe Girls’ School. Wherever they go, they take with them a finely honed capacity for learning and for being an integral part of a collaborative learning culture. They carry themselves with confidence, self-awareness, integrity and inner strength. They learn and practice leadership by example. They are ready to navigate and enjoy the challenges and wonders of the twenty-first century.

What our families value about the school

We Are Small

Our girls learn together that they can feel good about themselves as individuals and need not be afraid to strive to be their best or to be different. They see that the small setting helps girls to identify their own best way of learning and as such supports each girl to find her voice both as a student and an individual.
Families feel the smaller school setting helps their daughters to trust their instincts and gain confidence in their learning. Families want the social and developmental benefits that come when a small group of motivated girls learn together.

Emotional Resilience and Supportive Social Development

The social camaraderie found in our small, all-girl school supports learning in a culture of enthusiasm and curiosity. Further, our school culture builds resilience by using conflict resolution as an ongoing practice. Our students learn to recognize and address bullying, peer group pressure and unwholesome competition. Girls learn to embrace and sustain a diplomatic approach to life, which comes from being a part of an inclusive group. They develop their own capacity for kindness and empathy and experience the value of close female friendships in community.

Strong Academics and Community Learning Environment

Girls develop the capacity to think for themselves. Our girls share a profound sense of responsibility for learning. Each student is an integral part of the school community with individual responsibilities and recognition.

Santa Fe Girls’ School provides a balance between being challenged and being safe.

Girls develop an enthusiastic relationship with school and learning. Girls leave the school with a strong foundation in being both assertive and kind. They are able to easily navigate the complex world of high school and college.