HOW we foster intellectual growth and emotional strength in our girls

HOW we foster intellectual growth and emotional strength in our girls

Seminar Style Classrooms

Dialogue, the meaningful and productive exchange of ideas, is core to the Santa Fe Girls’ School academic program. All classes are conducted with students
engaged with one another other as well as with the teacher. All students are encouraged and supported in their efforts to participate in non-competitive
discussions that honor difference of opinion and expand the notion of “what is right” to include the question “why do you think that is right?”

Boots in the River at Project Preserve

We are fortunate to own nine and a half acres on the lower Santa Fe River. This property serves as a field laboratory for our environmental science program in which students lead an ongoing riparian habitat restoration project.
Girls become scientists themselves as they monitor the site and collect and analyze data relating to biodiversity, the health of the river, and its
ecology. At the end of each academic year, the students present and discuss their data and analyses at a public forum.

Connected Math: Patterns, Logic & Real World Applications

The powerful mathematics curriculum we use asks girls to develop and apply concepts and skills to solve real world problems that are presented within the context of science, social studies and history. The program supports and strengthens the development of logic and mathematical thinking.
Our eighth grade students complete high school level Algebra I as well as one semester of Pythagorean Geometry.

Clear Voice: Writing for Academics & Expression

The school utilizes the renowned Jane Schaffer Writing Program®, a highly structured approach to essay and academic writing. The method directs students’ attention to the difference between fact and opinion (evidence and interpretation) and teaches them to organize their ideas carefully and to write clearly as they expand their ability to express themselves. Teachers of all subjects employ this method, which gives the students ample opportunities for practice and feedback in a variety of contexts. Girls’ School alumnae enter high school as experienced and skilled academic writers.

Girls in Focus: Hands on Math
Using Traditional Northern New Mexico Woodcarving

Our much-beloved traditional New Mexican woodcarving program provides an interdisciplinary experience for sixth grade students. Sixth graders study the development of the art and history of Islamic culture. Then they practice precision in measurement and calculation as they develop their own design patterns inspired by the rich Moorish traditions of our region. With honed focus, patience and precision necessary to the task, the girls apprentice to a master woodcarver who guides them as they ultimately
produce a fine piece of traditional, carved furniture.

Personal Safety & Empowerment

All students participate in Impact Personal Safety classes. The program begins with strategies and practice in developing safety awareness and establishing personal boundaries, and moves through appropriate responses to threat, including de-escalation and self-defense. Lastly, in eighth grade students take a full, twenty-hour self-defense course in which they practice their awareness, de-escalation and self-defense skills. IMPACT classes are one of many ways that the Girls’ School empowers girls to develop into strong young women capable of facing challenges of all kinds with resilience, confidence and agency.