two girlsGirls enter Santa Fe Girls’ School with a wide range of academic abilities, and they graduate with a strong knowledge and skill base that allows them to think critically and communicate effectively. The type of girl who thrives at the School is one who wants:

  • to learn and is curious and engaged
  • to join a small, all-girls’ setting
  • to be visible in her school community
  • to enter high school with strong skills and confidence

Our students:

  • 40% identify as non-Anglo,
  • one third receive tuition assistance,
  • 72% of students enter the School from public elementary schools,
  • 77% choose to enter public high school

Our 8th grade graduates:

  • enter the high schools they choose with 11-12th grade equivalencies

Our goal is to send our graduates to the public and private schools ready to excel as academic and social leaders, advocating for their individual needs as they look toward college. Our unique learning environment serves girls at a critical time in their lives, and benefits them, their families, and the world long after they graduate.