alumniOur  graduates are routinely invited to attend any high school they choose.

Our alumnae are:

  • accepted into the high school of choice as academic and social leaders
  • enthusiastically taking advantage of AP class placement in Santa Fe High School
  • eager to engage with the energy of a large student body.

Our graduates have chosen the following high schools:

  • Santa Fe High
  • Desert Academy
  • New Mexico School for Arts
  • Albuquerque Academy
  • North Carolina School for the Arts
  • Fountain Valley School
  • Santa Fe Prep
  • St. Michael’s High School

Based on past experience, our graduates can expect an array of colleges to be available to them. Our alumnae have attended Bard, Cornell, American University, Smith, Harvard, Carlton College, and Lewis & Clark, among many other top schools. More than 99% of School’s graduates attend college.

Recognition and Awards:

  • Santa Fe High School’s Super Scholar Award
  • Santa Fe Prep School’s Scholar/Athlete Award
  • Santa Fe High School’s Top Ten recognition
  • The Council on International Relations’ Recognition

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