– Spanish


6th Grade

The classes focus on the basic concepts of acquiring the Spanish language: alphabet, days of the week, months and seasons, classroom objects and school subjects, commands, numbers, colors, greetings and a basic understanding of Spanish-speaking cultures throughout the world are taught.

The instruction is in both English and Spanish, so that students can acquire a comfort with the language as Senora Baca repeats the instructions back in Spanish. This provides students with the experience in conversational language.

Reading and writing are also introduced by way of phonetics.

7th Grade

In 7th grade, students are provided with the necessary foundation for the continued study of the Spanish language. The classes present basic structure and grammar, and encourage conversation with basic vocabulary. Cultural activities introduce the student to the customs and geography of Spanish speaking countries. Immersion in beginning conversational Spanish is taught through Spanish folklore and the study of word roots that are common to both English and Spanish.

Students are required to write in comprehensive grammatically correct sentences, are assigned reading materials, and are assessed on their pronunciation and comprehension of the readings. They are asked to make presentations and keep a Spanish Journal.

8th Grade

By continuing with conversational Spanish, students develop fluency in reading and writing. The classes continue to present basic structure and grammar. Students are encouraged to converse in Spanish with the use of introduced topics and vocabulary. Cultural studies and activities are used to expand the awareness of the customs of the Spanish speaking cultures. Videos are used to introduce other Spanish speakers, and thought-provoking ideas are used during class discussions.

Reading and writing skills are an important component in this class, as well as speaking. Journaling and sharing ideas in Spanish are encouraged.