Core Curriculum
Connected Math: Patterns, Logic & Real World Applications

Connected Math: Patterns, Logic & Real World Applications


The powerful mathematics curriculum we use asks girls to develop and apply concepts and skills to solve real world problems that are presented within context of science, social studies and history.

Connected Math curriculum supports and strengthens the development of logic and mathematical thinking.

6th Grade:  number relationships; systems and theory; estimation; statistics; probability; geometry; measurement.

7th Grade: pre-algebra; logic of proportions and linear patterns; building and interpreting tables; graphs and linear equations.

8th Grade:  high school-level Algebra I and Geometry: gathering and organizing data; developing and applying linear, inverse and exponential equations to solve problems; manipulating symbols to solve polynomial equations; Pythagorean Theorem and its applications. In the 8th grade, girls participate in two algebra classes a day: 1A-Applied Algebra; 1B-Properties, Symbols & Equations.