Core Curriculum

Core Curriculum

Rigorous, academically integrated core curriculum includes mathematics, history & geography, language arts, environmental studies: Project PRESERVE, science, and Spanish language – offered through Socratic dialogue in a small, seminar-style classroom setting. The concepts, content, and approach to learning builds critical-thinking skills and confident leadership in girls. Girls’ School takes advantage of the relationships among academic disciplines as a way to demonstrate to the students how subjects overlap and inform one another and why each discipline they pursue in school is critical to a natural understanding the inter-connectedness of the world.

For example, one acquires math skills as an indirect product of studying geography and mapping; a study of history must include an understanding of cultural systems, economics, environment, and geography, as well as current events. English and Spanish literacy build on one another; applied and fine arts foster the ability to perform exact measurement and calculation, as well as broaden understanding of historical context.

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