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TeachersGreetings from the Development office! While the economy makes raising funds for operational spending a challenge, Santa Fe Girls’ School is in great fiscal shape, in part because it is conscientious, but also because we have a great program that consistently delivers strong, smart girls into the world each year.

Because tuition covers 82% of the cost to educate each student, SFGS seeks funding from private donors, grant-making foundations, and fundraising activities to make up the 18%. Through these relationships, SFGS creates partnerships that help it remain vital. In the recent past, we have enjoyed support from grant-making organizations, including Los Alamos National Laboratories Foundation, McCune Charitable Trust, New Cycle, Thaw Charitable Trust, Witter Bynner Foundation for Poetry, Wells Fargo Foundation, The Frost Foundation, New Mexico Community Foundation, and PNM Energy Exploration.

Their help and yours means a lot. Your help means we can keep tuition at half the cost of other private middle schools in Santa Fe, and still provide tuition assistance to those families who qualify (this year, 20% of our families are taking advantage of our tuition assistance program). Your help means we can offer a safe, intimate, personalized setting for adolescent girls to thrive and develop into critical thinkers. It means we can help girls explore their interests in fine arts through exposure to well-respected artists. It means we can remunerate passionate and skilled teachers with good salaries, restore a riparian environment to its natural state, and pay the bills. Your help means better citizens and a better community, and we appreciate it deeply.

To get a sense for how we spend and hope to spend our funds, please review the list below:

  • $9200 is the cost of teachers and supplies for eight electives in the 2010-2011 school year
  • $5550 is the cost of heating the school for the year
  • $2000 is the cost of a year of landscaping
  • $900 is the cost of a year’s supply of toilet paper, paper towels, and tissue
  • $450 is the cost of a new set of books
  • $450 is the cost of copier and printer paper for the year
  • $200 is the cost of a year of biodegradable soap
  • Please reach out to the Development Director at 505-820-3188 if you would like to discuss giving opportunities.