Core Curriculum
History & Geography

History & Geography

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6th grade: World History & Geography
Curriculum includes study of indigenous and world religions [or poly- and monotheistic world religions], with special emphasis on Islam, and the history of modern Western-Muslim conflict; ancient and modern empires, bias and distortion in maps, patterns of migration, and basic principles of economics.
7th grade: New Mexico History
Studies begin with the exploration of the turmoil of the Spanish Inquisition and the social forces it unleashed as Columbus sailed for Asia. Students learn about the indigenous peoples of Mexico and New Mexico, about their clashes with the Spanish conquistadors and colonizers, and the resulting culture. Lastly, the class analyzes the changes in New Mexico brought about by the United States’ policies, including Manifest Destiny.
8th grade: U.S. History
Students learn the histories of different European colonizers in North America, including the Spanish, French, Dutch, and English and analyze the ways in which each interacted with and affected indigenous cultures. The class studies the economic and social consequences of Native American and African slave trades, including how slave codes codified institutional racism. This class includes a civics component in which students read the U.S. Constitution and explore participatory democracy.